Magician Claimed To Hide Burj Al Khalifa




Burj Al Khalifa is the highest building in world situated in Dubai, UAE. Tourists visit this place  and enjoy this masterpiece on earth.

According to VOA (Voice of America) report, everybody is shocked to hear this claim of  magician to hide this wonderful building from earth.



Magician named “Dr. Muntasir Al Mansoor” belongs to Raas ul Khaima (State of UAE). He said that he can hide this glorious building for 3 (Three) seconds but on one condition, if someone will sponsor him. He will wait till December of this year for sponsors after this peoples could enjoy this magic trick through Postit Mag.

Dr Mansoor already had won two times the worlds biggest OSCAR award “Murlin Award” . This award every year is presented in America by International Magicians Society”. Dr. Mansoor said that he has performed 70 thousands magic shows in 26 years of his professional life.


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