15-Most Overrated Products in The World

1. iPhone

The iPhone has changed the cellular phone business from a modern day necessity to a pretentious status symbol. Can you believe people who have iPhones look down on those who don't? Other smartphones have all of the same features and cost less; it's the epitome of an overrated product.

2. Starbucks Coffee

It seems in this day and age everyone walking or driving to work has a cup of Starbucks coffee in their hand. We can't figure out why though; the drinks are extremely sweet and outrageously over priced. We'll pass on a $5 cup of Joe!

3. The Gap Clothing

When The Gap first launched in 1969 the company attempted to retail stylish yet affordable clothing. Now over 40 years later the clothes are far from stylish, appearing very bland at best, and far from affordable with their average tee-shirt going for $23.
The company's offspring Old Navy which is supposedly the more affordable brand has their average tee-shirt sell for $17 and is as equally 'blah' when it comes to style.

4. Toyota Prius

Go-green has been a big thing during the initial 13 years of this new millennium and so has rising gas prices. With that being said the idea of hybrid vehicles seems perfect however the Toyota Prius' sticker price and cost of maintenance doesn't especially once you factor in that the vehicle fails to get the unbelievable advertised gas mileage.

5. Mac Makeup

This one seems to be a no-brainer. Ladies, is it really justifiable to spend $20 on lipstick and nail polish each, then another $25 on eyeshadow along with another $30 on foundation?

6. Roku Streaming Player

In theory the Roku Streaming player is a hell of an idea, however once you ponder the alternative options it seems like a worthless and overrated one. Think about it: Netflix, Hulu and other streaming videos for free off the net all are cheaper as well as equally efficient options.

7. Mini-Notebooks

When Mini-Notebooks or Netbooks (as referred to by some companies), were first released, smartphones and tablets had not been though of. Now that we have so many other options besides these tiny seven-inch screen laptops, isn't it time to bury these cockroaches!?

8. Organic Food

Organic Food is one of the biggest scams currently going in the world of business. I am all for healthy eating, however I am not for taking advantage of people financially and that is exactly what the organic food craze has done. If a company slaps an organic label on something, they can sell it for twice and in some occasions three times the amount that it should normally cost.

9. Baby Pacifiers

Over the past 200 years or so baby pacifiers have become common with infants. Why I have no clue, the name speaks for itself, they just temporarily pacify the child; no milk, no comfort and soon the baby becomes dependent on it. In Britain and other nations across the pond they aren't called pacifiers they're called dummies; enough said!

10. Candy Crush Saga

How can an app which is free be considered overrated you may ask? That's easy when you factor in that millions of Americans waste countless hours of their lives competing in this mindless game. Oh yeah some special moves and locked features cost actual dollars.

11. Blu-Ray DVDs and Players

I'm not saying that Blu-Ray DVDs and Players don't make the picture appear clearer, however the price difference just don't justify purchasing them. Especially if you already have an HD television and an extensive standard DVD collection, unless you have money to burn.

12. Land Rover's Range Rover

The Range Rover by Land Rover is the paragon of an overrated luxury vehicle. The entire purpose of an SUV is to be rugged, durable and reliable. I'm not saying that the Range Rover isn't but why should anyone have to pay $80,000 for those features when there are several other affordable SUV's which provide the same aspects.

13. Ugg Boots

We will never understand the craze with Ugg Boots; for one they're expensive as hell, second they're ugly as hell and last they make your feet sweat and smell (like hell). There is nothing that anyone can say which justifies wearing Uggs; overrated!

14. Multi-Vitamins

Multivitamins are extremely overrated due to the fact that as long as a person eats healthy then there would be no need for them. Weren't people living and healthy before they were introduced?

15. Apple iPad Mini

Anyone who tells you that having an Apple iPad Mini is necessary is either lying to themselves or brainwashed by the Apple brand. What is the true use for it? doesn't the larger iPad or any smartphone generally do everything else that it does?

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